Native Plants

My Local Native Garden

NEW My Local Native Garden front coverMy Local Native Garden is a 44-page booklet published by Brunswick Valley Landcare (BVL) that is packed with information to help you design, plant and maintain your own native garden and also how to attract wildlife to your garden.

You can download a complete copy of the book here 

or, for smaller downloads, the separate excerpts can be downloaded below.  BVL recommends downloading the full brochure to avoid missing vital information for your garden plantings.

Hard copies are available for a donation from the Byron Shire Council offices in Mullumbimby or by requesting one from

Native Plant Nurseries

There are a number of excellent nurseries that sell local native plants.  Please find their details here

Revegetating Streams in the Brunswick River Catchment

Is a great practical leaglet that details species that can be planted on stream banks revegetating-streams-in-the-brunswick-catchment

How to Propagate Australian Plants hints and tips from the Australian National Botanic Gardens.

Florabank recognises and shares the best available knowledge from research and practice in native species seed management.

Fungimap is a non-profit citizen-science organisation dedicated to raising the profile of Australia’s incredible fungal diversity. Our emphasis is on enjoying and learning about fungi and our focus is on macrofungi in the natural environment.  There website has an online field guide for fungi.

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