Nest Box Project

by Rita de Heer

Owl Box number 12 in Brunswick Valley Landcares Nest Box Project has been generating a lot of excitement! It contains evidence that three different creatures have made their home in it, or at least tried to.

nest-boxes-1The boobook perched on a nearby branch is the latest occupant. I believe at least two of the eggs inside are hers.

A whole lot of wood duck down feathers and the other two eggs in the box lead me to believe that a wood duck was interrupted in her brooding and chased from the box.

In the winter there were lots of leaves in this box and a squad of gliders … this photo from June 2016.

Not such good news from one of the motion detecting cameras that was installed at one of the boxes that has a lot of acitivity.  A feral cat climbing a large eucalypt!  A cat trap has now been placed at the base of the tree but no luck yet capturing the vilan! You can view the video here Cat Video on Facebook

Brunswick Valley Landcare’s Nestbox project started in 2014 after a successfull crowd funding campaing to raise funds to install owl nest boxes.  It has not gwon and we have installed 40 nest boxes over the last 2 years, and lots of different kinds of boxes, not only ones for owls.  We monitor the boxes regularly and add the nest-boxes-2information to our database.  The monitoring has sown that hollows must be in short supply as 60% of our boxes are occupied and some within 3 months of being installed.

To see more of the results from the last round of nest box monitoring please visit the Brunswick Valley Landcare facebook page.  Brunswick Valley Landcare Facebook

To borrow a cat trap please contact Byron Shire Council.