Immerse yourself in nature

New Brighton Dunecare 01 landscape photo credit Alison Ratcliffe

Get involved

What’s so special about the Byron area?

One of the most bio-diverse regions in Australia, rivalling the wet tropics. But popular, with 3 Million tourists a year, placing pressure on conservation values that make this region so terrific.

Enjoying life in the Byron Shire usually involves immersing yourself in some part of the community. We are a diverse, vibrant assemblage of people, and visitors are welcome. We are First Nations’ families, generational settler families, sea and tree changers and even newer folks. Known for its green approach to living, from forest to foreshore, the region offers many avenues to get involved in.

OS School bitou day 2016 credit A Ratcliffe

Who are we?

Pretty well everyone: Farmers, landholders, town folk, schools, individuals, visitors, indigenous groups, Councils, other groups; Community.

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