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Farming into the Future

working with various communities

there is more to us than planting trees

BVL committee plus Rochelle Alison

About Us

We at BVL work to see our region build on its attributes of diverse vegetation, sub-tropical rainforests, sclerophyll forests, coastal heathlands, beaches and dunes, and its pristine waters.

Long-standing, valued community group, established 2003.
250 Members, Monthly Newsletter sent to 1100 people.

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Get Involved

Enjoying life in the Byron Shire usually involves immersing yourself in some part of the community. We are a diverse, vibrant assemblage of people, and visitors welcome. We are First Nations families, generational settler families, sea and tree changers and even newer folks. Known for its green approach to living, from forest to foreshore, the region offers many avenues to get involved.

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Since 2003, BVL has produced and managed more 450 projects from community plantings, weed work- shops, nest box installs, farming seminars, carbon in soil, regenerative agriculture, koala management and plantings, soil health, habitat connection, schools education, cuppas of tea, BBQs, social days.

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We have lots and lots of information available on all sorts of Natural Resource Management issues including:

sustainable agriculture, dune management, fire, fungi, native animals, birds and insects, pest animals, native vegetation, re-vegetation, riparian, wetlands, erosion, soil health, weeds.

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Farming into the future

Our region is a hub for a wide range of farmers and producers and “foodies” who are immersed in adopting practices that holistically look at the land, grow the good food ,appreciated by the community and visitors. We are a hub for healthy food producers; this movement is growing exponentially.

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Land for Wildlife

The Land for Wildlife (LfW) program is a voluntary property registration scheme for landowners who wish to manage areas for biodiversity and wildlife habitat.

Land for Wildlife encourages and assists landholders to include nature conservation along with other land management objectives.
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