Rural Landholders

Cows and chincogan - credit Alison Ratcliffe

Resource Kit for Rural Landholders

When you move to a rural property you often have a lot of questions.  Can I pump water from the river? Who can tell me why my cattle are doing poorly? What’s that weed in my paddock? Do I need to control it? What is the Native Vegetation Act? Why has the Livestock Health and Pest Authority sent me a rates notice?

The aim of this kit is to bring much of this information together in one easy to use guide for intending and existing landholders in the Northern Rivers region, and to direct them to where they can obtain further help.

The kit briefly describes the natural resources (soils, water, native vegetation and pastures) of the area and major factors that impact on them (climate, drought, flood, fire and weeds).

The Resource Kit for Rural Landholders in the Northern Rivers Region has been produced by Landcare in the Northern Rivers region with funding from the Australian Government Caring for Our Country program and the Northern Rivers Catchment Management Authority.

Download The Resource Kit for Rural Landholders

Information for Landholders

Brunswick Valley Landcare has collated a great list of places to go to find out about all sorts of topics including attracting wildlife to your property and weeds.

BVL Information Pack for Landowners

Property Planning

As part of BVL’s Sustainable Agriculture grant and Byron Shire Council’s Rural Land Use Strategy two fact sheets were developed to help landholders develop a plan for their properties and understand some of the legislation that may effect them.

Easy Steps Towards a Property Plan Fact Sheet

Governing Policy in rural areas Fact Sheet


Sustainable grazing on small farms: farmers teaching farmers.

Brunswick Valley Landcare’s booklet is available in hard copy from the Byron Shire Council Building and the Rural Co-op in Mullumbimby, or contact the Landcare Support Officer.

Download Grazing on Small Farms

Stock and Waterways: A NSW Managers Guide

Want to better manage your stock and waterways for productivity and environmental benefits?The Australian River Restoration Centre, WaterNSW and Rivers of Carbon have put together an updated (2019) practical guide to help New South Wales farmers.

Stock and Waterways Guide

Riparian Fencing Brochure

Need to fence in a floodplain or along your creek?  Rapidly flowing flood waters can destroy houses, bridges, roads … and fences! So is it possible to design a fence that will withstand flood waters? The answer is no – but it is possible to design one that will suffer minimal damage and that will be easy to repair once the flood waters recede. This brochure presents design options for low-maintenance, flood damage resistant fencing.

Riparian Fencing Brochure

Riparian Zones and Erosion Management Film

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