Suffolk Park Dunecare Working Bee 2010 Zone 1 Buffer planting credit W Gibney
Weeds of the North Coast of NSW


Chapters of this book can be downloaded from the Coffs Harbour Landcare Website or hard copies are available from the Landcare Support Officer for a gold coin donation.


DPI NSW Weed Control Handbook










Good APP’s to download












Common Weeds of Subtropical Rainforests of Eastern Asutralia

The Big Scrub, formerly 75,000 hectares now only survives as scattered isolated remnants heavily impacted by weeds and patches of regrowth and planted vegetation. Fortunately the practical efforts of Big Scrub Landcare have assisted in saving the remnants of the ecosystem from extinction and along the way have also provided many answers to the question of rainforest repair.  Is available to buy from Big Scrub Landcare for $25.00 inc. GST


BVL Weed Resources List

A list of where to go for more info on weeds – books, websites and apps.  This info includes noxious weeds, environmental weeds, water weeds, camphor conversion and plants that are poisonous to livestock.

BVL Weed Resources List 2017

Camphor Laurel’s

Some interesting articles on a new way to look at this environmental weed.


Camphor Laurels Kanowski_et_al-2008-Ecological_Management_&_Restoration

Savour to scourge – camphor laurel

camphor and lantana conversion leaflet

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