Helping Wildlife

Swan and 5 signets cell H - credit M Bingham 26 March 07

Wildlife Emergency numbers

Australian Seabird Rescue 02 6686 2852
WIRES 02 6628 1898
Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers 02 6628 1866
Koala Rescue     02 6626 1233

BVL’s Wildlife Safe Havens – Creating wildlife habitat on your property


Backyard Buddies is a free education program run by the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife. It gives you simple tips to transform your backyard into a safe and inviting habitat haven. Backyard Buddies are the native plants and animals that share our built-up areas, waterways, backyards and parks.   Backyard Buddies

The Atlas of NSW Wildlife (the Atlas) is the Office of Environment and Heritage’s (OEH’s) database of flora and fauna records. The Atlas contains records of plants, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, some fungi, some invertebrates (such as insects and snails listed under the Threatened Species Conservation Act) and some fish.

Byron Bird Buddies is a local community education and conservation group concerned with the protection of birds in the Northern Rivers. Byron Bird Buddies

Birds in Backyards is a research, education and conservation program focusing on the birds that live where people live.  They have an online Bird Finder to help you identify the birds that visit your garden.
Birds in Backyards

Bird ID – the Morcombe and Stewart ID book is now available to purchase as an APP and includes bird calls – Bird ID

Frog ID is a great app to download and the website also has a “learn” tab with lots of info, photos and frog calls Frog ID

Frogs of Australia is run by the Amphibian Research Centre and gives a list of all the frogs that can be found in our region.  Frogs of NSW North Coast

Native Bees

Sugar Bag – Sugar Bag

The Australian Native Bee Company – The Australian Native Bee Company

Richmond Landcare Inc have produced this great introductory fact sheet on Native Bees – Fact Sheet Native Bees


North Coast Regional Landcare Network – Nest Box and Artificial Hollow Guidelines

LLS how to build your own wildlife nest box booklet – LLS Wildlife Nest Box

Bird Life Australia nest box plans – Nestbox Plans

Hollow Log Homes provide wildlife nest boxes.  Hollow Log Homes and also have a great book on nest boxes for wildlife Hollow Log Homes book

WildBNB Wildlife Habitat are a local business buidling, installing and monitoring a wide variety of hollow habitat and nest boxes – Products and services | Wildbnb Wildlife Habitat

NCRLN Nest box and Artificial Hollows Guidelines Nest Box Guidelines – MAR23-WEB

Threatened Species of the Wilsons and Coopers Creek 

A list of locally occurring threatened species including information on some of the most interesting. Threatened Species leaflet

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