Do you have a great project and need funds to make it happen?

Project funding is available from a variety of sources, either given directly to Landcare groups and landholders, or managed through an umbrella group such as Brunswick Valley Landcare Inc. (BVL) which can act as a sponsor.

The Community Support Officer for the Byron Shire, Alison Ratcliffe, can give advice about funding opportunities and assistance with grant applications. Alison can be contacted on Tuesdays and Wednesdays on (02) 6626 7028 or by email at 

Applying for grants can take a lot of time and sometimes be very confusing!  Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Why not prepare a ‘Shelf’ project?  Compile all the information that you are likely to need for an application such as costings and maps and then put it on the ‘shelf’ until a grant becomes available that fits your project.  If you are a private landowner and want to do work on your property you can also fill in BVL Landholder expression of interest in PDF form and send to and BVL will keep it on file for future grants.
  • Collaborate and cooperate.  Find out what else is happening in your area and work with other groups or individuals in joint projects.
  • Base the project on the grant’s aims.  Find a grant that suits your idea and build the project around the grant’s aims and make sure you address all the criteria.
  • Be clear.  Be succinct and very clear on the purpose, objectives and outcomes of your project.

If you are seeking funding for a project on Byron Shire Council owned or managed land, or you want to partner with Byron Shire Council, you must have approval from the General Manager. Allow ample time for the application to be reviewed.

If you would like BVL to sponsor your funding application please send the draft application to the BVL Secretary, Sally Prescot, at least one week prior to the funding submission date. Either email at: brunswickvalleylandcare@gmail.comor post the application to: The Secretary, Brunswick Valley Landcare, PO Box 6, Brunswick Heads, NSW 2483.

If you are applying for a grant which needs endorsement from a Community Support Officer, such as the Raymond Borland Bequest and Coles Junior Landcare Grants, please contact Alison Ratcliffe before submitting your application.

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