Riparian – creeks and rivers

Revegetating Streams

A great practical leaflet that details species that can be planted on stream banks. There is one for the Brunswick River Catchment and one for the Richmond River Catchment. The Richmond River also has Richmond landholders guide to looking after waterways booklet



Riparian Fencing Brochure

Need to fence in a floodplain or along your creek?  Rapidly flowing flood waters can destroy houses, bridges, roads … and fences! So is it possible to design a fence that will withstand flood waters? The answer is no – but it is possible to design one that will suffer minimal damage and that will be easy to repair once the flood waters recede. This brochure presents design options for low-maintenance, flood damage resistant fencing. Riparian Fencing Brochure

Riparian Weed Managment

Riparian Areas Weed Management




Riparian Zones and Erosion Management Film

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