Farming into the future

Regenerative Agriculture

“Regenerate”–to improve, to restore.

Brunswick Heads Landcare and its arm, Farming Into The Future, are part of the ever-growing, world-wide movement whereby land managers recognise the need for new (sometimes back to old!) ways for farmers and land managers to cope with changing climate and to be more resilient to such changes. Not only that, but also part of a growing recognition that some established, industrial farming practices are not resulting in the sort of farm ecosystems and products we want: less healthy ecosystems, more costly practices, all in a changing social and commercial market.

Regenerative Agriculture is a general term describing practices that assist a farmer to withstand change, and restore healthy farm ecosystems. It may cover land and stock management practices such as:

  • cell or rotational grazing, mirroring natural herd movements
  • low-till or no-till cultivation
  • improved soil carbon
  • farm forestry
  • ridgeline re-afforestation to increase catchment water holding capacity
  • composting
  • less reliance on synthetic fertilizers and chemicals
  • reintroducing and encouraging native pastures
  • restoration of waterways and creeks
  • improving water holding capacity of land
  • improving soil microbes and soil health
  • integrated pest management and pollination
  • carbon banking via tree planting
  • biodynamic practices.

BVL is positioned to support and champion land managers using regenerative agriculture principles and build community support and education on such topics.

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